Working on a new Animation

2016-10-05 06:06:37 by Sandling

It's been a long time since I've actually sat down and made a movie or anything creative really. The last movie I made was in 2012, the last game I worked on was in 2014 or so (But I never finished it), and before this movie the last drawing I did was 3 months ago (Comet). Buuut anywaay I've started working on a new animation, It's going to be a music video. I've never planned so much while making a movie before in my life, but It's been a lot of fun. I hope I'll have it out by the end of the year and maybe people will like it.2164511_147566195113_ScreenShot2016-10-05at1.46.57AM.png



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2016-10-05 06:34:42

Can't say that I could make an animation. Not that I would lack skill or knowledge, but I seriously don't have the patience for such a project.

Sandling responds:

I guess it was kinda always like that for me, cause when I did animate I lost patience and then it got rushed then I wouldn't be happy with it. I wasn't even sure how much about animation i remembered lol.