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NIce job guys, I enjoyed the character dialogue and atmosphere you had going on. it seems like it will have a lot of action/suspense in it.

Dude this was really great. The animation style and quality reminds me a lot of Zeurel's work.

Nominous responds:

Thanks Sandling.

The banter and humor reminds me of mix between Arin Hansen and Max Ghilardi. The humor was also very subtle, and clever, in some places. It took me too the second watch to get the assumption joke Obama made. I like the animation quality too it was smooth.

Emrox responds:

max ghirardelli

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I like that you took the time to finish a game like this, 3 years to keep working on something is really admirable/inspiring, i've wanted to make a pokemon game in the past too. (I had a project i'd been working on for years and keep going on hiatus' from it.). I like how diverse, and expansive the world to explore was.

I think my favorite parts of this game where the voices, being able to get racecar, the surprise fight, and the boss fights, honestly the boss fights were so cool and impressive in a technical sense. This game played a lot like pokemon mystery dungeon to me.

Also I think some things that would make its current features better would be preventing the AI from going over walls, and then adding code to make flying pkmn go "over" walls and water, and letting water pkmn go through water.

In any case nice job man! I look forward to the other things you make.

OrangePylon responds:

Thank you! A very nice review. It feels good to be appreciated after three years of uncertainty. The wild AI is a result of me making a shoddy engine in 2012, not knowing the game that it would eventually become. It bugs me, too, but it's way too cumbersome to fix.

I obviously had to take a few hiatuses myself (the final one being eight months due to Flash not being to export for some reason); all I can say is that after this much time, it's better to just get it out there, because even if the payoff can't possibly make up for the time you spent on it, it'll feel much better to not have it looming over you. Get it out, and even if a lot of things have to be cut, it'll feel better when you're finally available to work on other projects again. And most importantly, you'll learn a lot regardless.

What's the problem?

I actually like this game it reminds me of something that doesnt come to mind... Anyway I guess im not the average personm since I not only like challenging gameplay but the music aswell xP. Since it was your goal to make a "awful game" I have to vote on this in a reveresed way :S.

3/5 7/10

I finally beat it.

It took me awhile and alot of embarassing defeats but I can beat it now.... It was pretty entertaining. The only thing that could make it better is maybe a mute button w/ music. And maybe a few new modes like easy medium hard. I dunno just some Ideas.

7/10 3/5

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You know.

This wasnt that bad actually I'm a fan of grunge and I feel you did it justice. The repetition I could actually use in a movie of somesorts... I dunno. Anyway It was shaky at parts but keep at it man.
8/10 4/5

I heard this in a collab....

I thought it was made by a professional artist. Enough said....


I love it great work!

war-spawn responds:

Thumbs up

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Yes, here you go my sir, it's the one. V cool. keep up.

PixelRoboto responds:


This is really cool dood. Also because of your submission I learned about art station thanks!

DatCakeIzEhPai responds:

Thanks a lot m8! And no problem! Hope u found great talents there as well!

Do you do these in your free time or for a class? I'm in an art class right now, so I'm also trying to get better. By the way, are you going to make anymore?

crimsoneye575 responds:

I do some of these for fun. There are a couple of drawings I've done for class that I'd like to submit here.

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